We train sustainability

The Systain Academy unites innovative capacity building with 20 years of consulting and training in sustainability management

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We train the entire value chain



Supply chains

Through our trainings, managers and buyers sharpen their expert view on social and environmental risks along the value chain

We train employees in subsidiaries around the world with tailor-made trainings on country-specific social and environmental risks

Our trainings prepare suppliers and production partners for upcoming ecological and social change processes

We achieve training goals through different training formats

Classroom trainings

Online trainings

Training concepts

We train companies and their suppliers through individual training, small group training or lectures and information events on site and on the topics most relevant to them

Our innovative, web-based training formats, like webinars and e-learnings, are accessible from anywhere at any time and help us teach the essentials in a compact and cost-effective way

Building on our experience, we support our clients in the development and implementation of individual training concepts and materials such as manuals, videos or VR applications

Our areas of expertise cover all current sustainability issues


Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL)

Energy efficiency

Water management


Waste management

Carbon footprinting

Energy efficiency

Social compliance

Introduction to sustainability

Energy efficiency

Management skills

Energy efficiency

Migrant workers


Personal protective
equipment (PPE)

Energy efficiency

Renewable energies

Human Rights
Due diligence

With the Systain Academy as a training partner at your side, you will benefit from 20 years of experience in sustainability consulting, an international network of trainers and innovative methods that align with the standards of international business schools.

Interactivity, interaction between participants and peer group learning are the main success factors for underpinning course content and methods with participants long term and making the training applicable to everyday life at work

We already support a large number of different industrial and retail companies with individual training programs

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Torben Kehne


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Strategy Development/Social Responsibility/Human Rights/Monitoring Systems/Communication

Jens Winkler


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Strategy Advice/Social Responsibility/Human Rights/Monitoring Systems