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Interactive and multimedia-based: We impart knowledge for sustainable change through engaging classroom trainings

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Classroom training structure


Our workshops are at the core of every training program and convey the content to participants in interactive modules and exercises. To achieve this, we use an extensive kit of methods such as case studies, group exercises, audio elements or virtual reality applications. It is particularly important to us that the sustainability requirements taught in the classroom are applicable to day-to-day business.

Homework assignments

We assign homework to participants after each workshop, through which the newly learned content can be applied to the workplace. This helps deepen the workshop content and ties it more closely to business realities. Assignments further serve as a link between all workshops and support in maintaining activity levels of participants throughout the entire training period.

Factory visits

Through factory visits, we further deepen the content conveyed in the workshops and support participants in tackling specific challenges that could not be addressed in the classroom. Our factory visit is by no means a social audit. Instead, we take great care to respond individually to the circumstances on site and provide support in creating positive change.

Pricing models

Sample calculation 1: Workshop series for headquarters

Interactive group training on-site over three days for at least 10 participants, as well as a supplementary homework assignment.

Sample calculation 2: Workshop at subsidiary

One-day workshop for at least 10 and max. 20 participants, travel expenses at extra cost.

Sample calculation 3: Workshop series for manufacturers

Training in peer group format with 10 factories and 20 participants over a period of six months, homework assignments and a factory visit.

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What our participants say

If we fully apply the Systain Academy rules, I believe we will have 90 percent positive change. Thank you very much for your effort, we hope the training continues.

CSR Manager

Factory, Izmir

After joining the workshop of communication, I have started to think how to add more communication channels with the front line workers.

General Manager

Factory, Shanghai

Thanks to the Systain Academy I have gained a deeper understanding of the issues, which allows me to develop better solutions to problems occurring at the workplace.

HR Manager

Factory, Shanghai

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